The Talent Planner Show

#8: How to create Talent Plans

October 10, 2022 Steve Van Remortel Season 2 Episode 7
The Talent Planner Show
#8: How to create Talent Plans
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Are constant people issues in the way of achieving your company's goals?

If yes, we have a simple solution to help you proactively solve those issues and achieve your full growth potential.

The solution? Build Talent Plans across your organization.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why your company needs Talent Plans
  • The 8 components of a Talent Plan
  • Specific steps to create a Talent Plan for your organization

{Template} Talent Plan Template
{Video} How to create Talent Plan

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MyTalentPlanner connects the three critical plans every SMB needs (strategic, talent, and execution plans) into one location. This provides visibility and accessibility of the plans to the entire team, driving greater accountability, alignment, and execution of the plan.

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